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Frequently Asked Questions

Patriots Junk Removal actively supports the Greater Houston Area's local community.

If you've got questions about hauling junk, Patriots Junk Removal has answers!

Don't see your question answered on this page? Please feel free to Contact Us Online, or give us a call at 1-855-JUNKIT1.

When can you get here and get rid of all this junk?

In almost all instances, we can provide same day service!

How do I get a free estimate for junk removal? Can I do this by the phone?

Yes, we can often provide a ballpark estimate for smaller projects if you're able to provide a description online or by phone. If you've got a larger junk removal job or need an accurate estimate, just Contact Us Online or call to schedule a free on-site estimate at your home or business.

If I am not at the work site, can you still haul away the junk?

Absolutely. We will are always willing to make special arrangements to help out our customers. Just give us a call.

How are junk hauling prices calculated?

By volume - you can find out more about how Junk Hauling Prices are calculated on our Pricing Page.

What if I only have a small amount of junk? Will I have to pay for a whole truck load?

Small loads are not a problem - our price chart is based on fractional loads, so you only pay for the portion of the truck that your junk fills. We do have a minimum load volume, but you'll find that it's lower than a lot of other junk haulers out there.

Do you charge for labor?

No. Our prices are determined by volume (in most cases). We're happy to come into your home or business and disconnect appliances or tear down furniture and carry it down stairs or whatever it takes - at no extra charge.

In very rare cases where excessive labor will be required, we'll let you know up front when we give you our free onsite estimate - so there are never surprises or hidden fees.

What do you do with the all the items you pick up?

It is our goal to recycle as much junk as possible and save our landfills. If an item can be donated, we will do so and provide donation receipts. Whatever junk is left gets hauled to the dump.

Where is your service area? Do you pick up in my city?

We're based in Houston Texas, but we also pick up junk in many nearby cities. We've posted a map of our service area and a list of cities where our trucks pick up junk. If you're still unsure, just give us a call at 1-855-JUNKIT1.

Why should I choose Patriots to haul away my junk?

Besides being more affordable than our competitors, our company is locally owned and operated, and we take great pride in providing exceptional service to our community.

It is our duty to stay involved in the local community and support initiatives that keep Texas beautiful. And, by supporting Patriots you are supporting our troops. Patriots is owned and operated by military veterans, and we are pleased to donate a dollar per haul to our military service members.