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Computer Recycling

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Computers become obsolete all too quickly these days, and can't be tossed in the garbage because they contain materials that can be harmful to the environment and human health.

Patriots makes it easy to dispose of your old PC, monitor, and accessories responsibly! We'll pick up computers at your home or office, and haul them off to an e-waste recycler.

Schedule Pick Up to Recycle PC

Need to recycle that old PC or monitor? Just contact Patriots online for a free estimate.

We recycle computers of any type, along with LCD and CRT Monitors. We also recycle e-waste, which includes TV recycling service as well.

Why Can't Old Computers be thrown in the garbage?

Old PCs, monitors, and other computer peripherals contain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and human health. Electronic waste that is tossed into a landfill (or illegally dumped) releases toxic compounds over time, leeching into soil and polluting groundwater.

Patriots provides TV pick up service right at your home or office, making it easy to get rid of your old television responsibly. We'll pick up junk right at your home or business, then haul it away to a facility that can recycle CRTs, PCs, and other electronics safely.

Computer / PC Recycling Service Area

To find out if Patriots Junk Removal offers e-waste pick up service in your area, please check our junk removal Service Area Map.