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Junk Recycling

After my junk is hauled away, what happens to it?

Well, that depends on the material that we're picking up. But in general, we'll recycle your junk if possible.

You might be surprised to find just how much "junk" can actually be recycled these days. We currently recycle about half of the junk we haul,and we're constantly striving to increase this percentage. Together, we can help keep Texas beautiful for future generations.

Yard Waste and Clean Debris

Yard Waste and "Clean Debris" like grass, leaves, scrap wood, stumps, dirt, concrete, bricks, etc. can be recycled.

After hauling away your yard waste, we deliver it to a topsoil recycling center. At the center, all sorts of green waste are processed and mixed up, creating new soil.

Scrap Metal Recycling

If you have junk that's comprised mostly or entirely of metal, we take it to a metal recycling facility.

Metal recyclers accept steel, aluminum, copper, tin, brass, nickel, and just about any other type of metal you can think of. The scrap metal is separated, processed, melted, and resold to be used in new products.

E-Waste Recycling

We accept e-waste (electronic waste), including televisions, computers, monitors, printers, small appliances, etc. We drop it off at a dedicated e-waste recycling center, where the majority of it is dismantled by a large grinder. After it's smashed up, the mixed material is processed in stages to separate and extract recyclable metals and other components, which are then recycled.

Paper Recycling

All paper materials, including office stationary, cardboard boxes, newspapers, packing material, pamphlets, and books can be recycled. If you're doing an office cleanup, we can recycle your paper waste in bulk, including shredded paper.

Reusable Items

In some cases, we're able to donate or otherwise reuse items such as furniture and electronic equipment, if they are still in good shape.

Although it may be junk to you, if we're able to find someone who needs an item, we can keep the item out of the landfill and sometimes help people out.

Non-Recyclable Junk Disposal

Garbage and Trash comprised of non-recyclable materials is hauled to the local waste transfer station.

After we've dropped it off at the station, the junk may be sorted further to recover recyclables, but the majority is trucked off to the landfill where it is disposed of responsibly.